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Hey, Scott Austin here from J Puma in this video, I'm gonna show you the store redesign we did for Baja ride company. They were on an existing Shopify store. We just upgraded them to the turbo theme. And what they do is they sell a tour of Baja. You bring down your motorcycle or your UTV, and they'll take you around the whole Baja peninsula. You know, they'll take you to the right restaurants, put you up in hotels to stay at they, their tour guides, you bring your gear and, and they bring their expertise of the area and make sure everybody has a really good time. And they also provide support. So if your vehicle breaks down they know where to get it, fixed, how to get it fixed. And they have support crews and all that great stuff. So they're not really selling a product or more selling a service. This is, you know, more, a little bit different than, than what most Shopify stores do, but it works really well inside of Shopify, right? So what they do is let's go to upcoming tours. They schedule tours ahead of time, and they started building out their calendar for the next year. They start booking out tours and they're like, all right, we're gonna do a run in, you know, like here's one, February 22nd to 27th. It's gonna be a private four day and, and you can sign up for it. So if you go down, you know, you look at the information here, you see, oh, this is for UTVs, as opposed to motorcycles. It could be one or the other. They're starting off an Ensenada and you, you can read the information about it. They've got some tabs to, to break information up on. What's really important. And then also, you know, the, you know, for inquiries details called Kevin Kevin's owner, the company really nice guy, and he answers the phone. He talks to you. He, he, you know, educates you on, on all the things that you, any questions you have, cuz anybody going to another country, you bringing their vehicle down. They're gonna have a lot of questions. Like how do I do this? How do I do that? So he's more than willing to get on the phone and help you out. And you can, you know, book your ride any time you want. And we also do so once this ride is passed, we'll move this into the past ride section. So what we're showing here is you can see past rides in the past. And one of the reason we're doing this is just to show credibility, cuz there's a lot of fly by night companies that you know, claim to be experts in, in the Baja area. That'll, that'll be your tour guide for you. Well, by showing all their past rides, you can just say, Hey, these guys do this and they do this all the time. So this is a way to establish credibility for them is by showing all their pass rides, not just their future rides. So, you know, just look at another run here. It's probably very similar information. There's no Mo motocros ones or motorcycle ones set up right now. Otherwise you'd see the, the motorcycle icon, but we use the product seals with the Mexican flag colors, which is kind of fun to do. And one of the other things that's really fun about this is people have absolutely love the rides. They go on. They, they, they are really enthusiastic about this company. Just show you the reviews. But because this is like the trip of the lifetime for, for many people, they have lots of really good photography. So a lot of their customers bring their cameras and take really cool photos. So whatever page we're on, I had plenty of photos to choose from from their library of things. And we couldn't do stock photography, right? It's very, it's, there's not a lot of good stock photography for UTVs in Baja, Mexico, right? You might find UTVs, but they're in the Sahara desert or something. So we, we could only use their own photography, but because their, you know, audience, their customers are so enthusiastic, there was lots of good photography to choose from. So like if I go to the about page, for example, you know, we, we had this photo available and if we go to the contact page, there's another photo there, plenty of photos to pick from, which was lots of fun making this site was actually using authentic photo. They also sell some other products. They have seen some branded apparel goods just, you know, as an auxiliary revenue stream, they also have radios and parts, you know, which is good gear to bring along. If you don't have that gear ready. So they help you out with that. And they also can help you get insurance cuz usually your American insurance, isn't good when you take it to Mexico and you can actually, you know, do daily Mexican insurance to the partner they have here, which is all totally relevant. Right. Makes a lot of sense. Now on their contact, you know, contact us page pretty standard information. Same FAQ is pretty built out. Cause there's a lot of questions that people have. So, you know, we have that nice accordion functionality there and then, you know, photo galleries, cuz a lot of people wanna know what, what are the tours like? And one of the best ways to do that is just by showing photos. We also have some videos of a whole video section, but you know, like I said, there was a ton of photos to choose from. So when we made, you know, different galleries, right, here's just Baja, here's the beauty of BA aha, Mexico. And all the places you're gonna go on this tour. And just how cool the whole, you know, region area is and how beautiful it is. We have one, you know, for motocros one for UTV. So if you're taking your motorcycle down and want to get a feel for what the terrain's gonna look like and, and that kind of stuff, this will help you, you out with some of that like, oh, I'm gonna get airborne and that and all that good stuff. So plenty of good photography assets to use. And then we implemented judgment reviews, which they did not have in the store before. And I absolutely love customer reviews. And you'll notice in these customer reviews, people would upload their photos, right? To give you even more of a feel for how, how things are gonna be for the tour. They're posting their photos, their favorite images of their ride. That's really cool. And then let's close that down, but I also love the words that people use, right? Can't say enough, good things about this ride. We loved every minute of it. This was super right. Your customers are gonna say things about your brand that you hadn't thought of or would seem disingenuous if you said it yourself. But by your customers saying it, it gives us authenticity to what's going on. And that totally comes through in the reviews that you see here. They're, they're all just amazingly positive, you know. Awesome. Very enjoyable. The words just, just are positive, positive, positive, just reinforce the whole experience for the potential customer who may have never done this before. And it's like, what am I getting myself into some of and more about it? You know, they can see the more photos and, and it obviously gives you feel like, oh, this is quite an organized event. There's gonna be 20 or so of us. This is really cool. I wanna be part of that. So that is the Baja ride company store a Shopify store using the turbo theme. It was a site redesign that we did and it's, it is working out really well for them getting all that customer information and all that content and letting customers get a better feel for what the experience of this ride, the service that they're they're signing up for is gonna be like, thanks for watching.

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