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Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade in this video, I'm going to walk through the new store build that we did for APEC chassis. Apex chassis is out of Arizona and they sell 'em parts for off-road vehicles. And those parts are like this, a steering kit you see underneath this Jeep right here and you know, tie rod kids, and you can actually see some of their parts here. You know, it's just, it's just stuff that goes underneath the body of an off-road vehicle. So it's very technical, functional type parts. It's not like, you know, mirrors and fancy X, you know, blink for your car and apex manufacturers, their own products, and the way that people want to shop for parts for their vehicle is make model year and why. And so we have a make model year and we have a D here, M Y D for the drive of the vehicles, you can select, you know, what, what vehicle make it is. And then the model is, you know, so if I picked Ford here, then I'm going to see Ford type models, show up. If I change this to be GMC, I'm going to see GMC models show up here. So depending on, you know, what you do in step one, we'll generate a different step, two set of values, any different step three and a different step four. Now there are M Y apps that exist in the Shopify ecosystem, but they're only good for when you're buying, you know, third, third party manufactured parts from a different, from a deal that works with those apps when you're manufacturing your own parts, those apps don't work because your data is not a part of it. So we had to build this ourselves with liquid and Java script, which was quite a fun time. And working with Joe, the owner of the business, you know, we tried it one way and then we, you know, we iterated on it and we went back and forth quite a few times because there's not only the front end. We have to think about this. And you know, how, how does this select select your work? That's actually fairly easy. The hard part is determining how the data's going to work on the back end of the, of the parts. So what we ended up doing, let's just pick a Jeep JK 20 18 4 wheel drive. So what it's going to do, it's going to take us to the apex chassis parts collection. So this is all parts. And if you see a, in the URL, we've added a filter to that collection, and that filter is Jeep colon Wrangler dash J K colon 2018, colon four wheel drive, which is that combination of entries that I put in to the mmy de selector. So what we had to do for each one of these products, let me just bring a product up here from another screen. So in this product here and with every product, what we do is we Add a tag for every make model year drive combination that it is compatible with. And some of these products will have hundreds of tags because they're compatible with, you know, all sorts of different products. Some of them are very specific to a set of product or a set of, you know, vehicles or years. So we'll have a smaller set like this one here is actually a smaller set of tags, but that's how we ended up doing it. It took us quite a while to figure out how we're going to get to that. And for Joe, the owner of the store for him to generate that list of tags and add them to the site, using the data that he has in Zoho, which is his erm, package. So lots of iteration to come up with a process that connected Zoho to Shopify, to an elegant customer experience. But in the end, we have quite an elegant customer experience. So now that I've selected my vehicle, we even say, here, these are for Jeep Wrangler, JK 2018. So we're sniffing the tag out of here and parsing in the URL string, and then parsing that into, you know, English readable words here. So we can let people know what they're looking at and what we have throughout the site is no matter where you go, we've got this, your rig link, which is just your last selected vehicle combination. So if I go to your rig, it'll say Wrangler JK 20 18, 4 wheel drive. If I go back to them and why D and ended up selecting, let's just say, I go for Dodge Ram charger, 19 84, 4 wheel drive. And you know, there's two parts in the catalog right now for that Dodge. And then if I select, let's go over a warranty again, then back to your rig, your rig is now updated with the Dodge Ram charger. So we remember what your selection was like back to that easily. Through that process. Now let's go back to the Jeep one, because there's more parts in it. I will just have to research again, G J K 2018. Excellent. Do the jail. There's more parts than this 1, 20 21 and four wheel drive. So now on this collection page that we have, there's a small, and this is the the product combination, the mmy D combination with the most products. And there's some new ones that don't have images for yet that are coming. But this Jeep JK has the most of our products. So we really didn't need filters at this level. Because people, you are easy enough, like there's only three steering kids to pick from. And the differences between them are aluminum black and then steel. So it's easier for them to, to compare and contrast without having filters off to the side, because the product catalog was so small and, and the customers also are really knowledgeable about what their options are before they come to apex. Cause this is for a total, you know, gearhead off-road people. It's not just any, you know, general person who owns a Jeep is going to want this type of equipment for their vehicle. So their customers are very knowledgeable, which means, you know, we, we can assume a higher level of familiarity with the products. Then many stores can assume with their customers, which is actually a nice thing. And if we go into a product page, you've got reviews from, from judge me, we've also got some product options that people can select. And then, because we had more options, needed more selections. We had to go to an app and we're using bold product options for this one here. And then we even got some notifications like right now, as I'm recording this as 2021 or inventory has been a really challenging thing for the entire world. And especially for apex, because all their products were they're new and they was getting their manufactured for the first time and shipped to America from their manufacturer overseas. And they had tons of issues just like everybody else has had tons of issues in 2021. So they've been very clear about what the inventory status is on every single product. And they also a lot of information about the products. Some of this is in the product description, some of this we've got inside a product meta fields that we can format them easily. But you know, lots of good information in here about the products. Now, if I add one of these to my cart, got an upsale going on here. So now I've got this product in my cart and I can and we've also got notification going on here that a, there weren't all cylinders, all inventory is back in stock. So just another reiteration because there's been so many inventory issues this year they they're up and running with full inventory. Now they're super happy about that and promoted that out to, for buddy and reassuring them here right in the cart. And this is a LA carte message code that I added through liquid. So they can just go into theme, settings and custody and customize a theme and just turn this on or off and change the messaging out because then they might want to change that message during the holiday timeframe. Let's say again, it's December 28th. They can say, Hey, where are the office between Christmas new year's any order you place will a fulfill when we get back on January 4th or whatever message they want to put. So this is a nice little easy to do liquid code to give them that functionality there. And if we go to the checkout, we've got a branded checkout experience keeping everything as consistent as possible. Yeah, let's go to our products page. They explain a little bit about their products that they're manufacturing themselves. They go into some detail there, they talk about their warranty, right at the top. They, you know, give themselves some social proof street cred by showing different dealers that they're working with or that work with them. And anybody's interested in wholesale, which is a big part of their business. They've got a sign up form here. We're using an app for that. I forget which one it was, think it's the whole app. So sign up form or hook out forms we're using there. And then in the footer, you know, about the products isn't redundant. We already showing that to you. You can see all products, not the injuries that we're going to look at it that way, because they want to see by vehicle what's going on. But that option is there just in case also by product type, we kept this super, super simple for the phone. So on the phone, this is a great page because you're like, Hey, what are you looking for? You're looking for let's just say steering kits, boom. There you go. There's all the steering kits. You know, it looks kind of bland on desktop, but it looks great on phone and phone was far more important for us. We focused on that experience. They're also building out a gallery customer photos. This is using the built-in gallery functionality in the fluoxetine that we're using. We've got the standard, you know, policy pages contact page, pretty easy stuff. You know, I don't know if you know, here, I love, you know, giving yourself street credit and as many ways as possible, right. And one of those you can give to yourself straight credit is if you have not been to Arizona if you drive down the highway in Arizona, they are just fans of vehicles and boats and motorcycles. They're very engine centric. So the fact that they're in Arizona to me gives them street grid that, you know, Hey, we come from the land where off-road is, is something that people do everyday all the time. It's, it's not like this is a Manhattan, New York kind of thing, or even a Florida thing where there's no Hills, right. In Arizona, you're go, you're when you're going off road, it's serious. So that, that gives me some street cred. And then payment options, you know, just talking about the different payment plans that, you know, some of these items are pretty expensive, you know, a thousand dollars. So having payment plans and showing them different options is a really good thing. And they actually use that in their messaging, through their emails, out to their clients. So that is apex chassis, a new Shopify store using fluoxetine. Thanks for watching.

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