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Hey, Scott Austin from JadePuma here. In this video, I'm gonna show you a customization. We did for the animal house fitness website. They're a Shopify store using the Dawn theme, and they're also using page fly for a lot of their content on their pages. And what we helped them do was they have a new product that well, first of all, their, their main products are weight accessories that help you with leg workouts. So they wanted to release a new product, which was a video training course to give you 10, you know, one hour workouts on how to use their products for better leg workouts. So the way we did that was we have Shopify flow as an app in the store that when the customer purchases, the guided workouts, 10 pack, that we tag that customer, that they purchase the the, the content and have access to it. And then what we do is we have three different states that can happen in the store. And the first date is the not logged in state. And that's what we're looking at right now. If I click on the train link, it'll take me to the product page for the guided workouts. And then we have two different login states. One is logged in with a tag that has access to the videos and the other is logged in without access to the videos. So let's show you what that looks like. If we log in first off with the account that does not have access to it. And we go back to that train link. You see, we take them back to that product page again, but if the customer instead, let's log out and log in again with an account that has access to the videos, you'll see here on the account page, we added a link for access guided workouts, and that's just some simple liquid code that detects if the account has the right tag, if it does, then it just puts the link there. And that link takes you to the same place that this link does. So we also have logic in the header that shows different navigation menus based on your login state. So if you're logged in and have access to the videos, now we click on the train link. It doesn't take us to the product page anymore. It takes us to this page here that shows you the 10 different workouts you can pick from, and you can pick number five, it'll open up that page in a with a video and description of the workout. And then you can see, you know, I'm on workout number five, oh, let me check out workout number eight. And you'll notice this page here is a pretty simple page. Cuz what we're optimizing for here is someone on a mobile phone, being able to quickly navigate to the video and the workout they want to Do without a lot of extra content and fluff around it. Right? So this page is purposely kept as simple and clean as we can possibly do. Now let's just look at this page here, copy that URL. And what I'm gonna do is log back out again. And if I try to access that page, I have to log in to get access to it. But if I log in with an account that doesn't have access, I get the access not authorized because they don't, they aren't tagged appropriately. So this allows us to restrict content in the store to only people that have purchased a given product. Thanks for watching.

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