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Hey, Scott Austin in here. And in this video, I'm going to do a walkthrough of the new Shopify store that we built for Amber Nichole style. We built this in the turbo theme and what they're selling is clothing focused on women. So you can see at the top, right, we've got the navigation elements for the different types of articles of clothing. The dropdown menus know, just put a little bit of color behind them. So the contrast stood out and you could actually navigate them a little more easily. An Amber Nicole had this existing logo. So we use the color is off the logo throughout the site. So the colors are kind of soft and soothing and let the content and the products come to the forefront now on the home page where duplicating the navigation at the top level so that those people are on the mobile phone, don't have to hit the hamburger to navigate. They can just go down on their phone quickly and see the photos and navigate to the item that they want. And a click on an item here. A lot of their products have different attributes, you know, like size and color. So we've got filters for that to allow people to filter down what they're looking for. And then if you click on a product, a lot of their products have limited quantity. So you can see we're using the turbo theme to notify customers. Hey, there's only one of this dress left in this size. And if you go too large, there's two items left. So to create that sense of urgency and awareness about the actual quantity, that's an important element here in the merchandising of this site. So if we take one of these products and add it to the cart, you'll see we've got a couple of promotions going on in the cart. The first one is just a COVID-19, you know, we're open during, during the the shutdown. So push your order, look at process. And then we've also got a cross sell going on. Hey, do you want to, you know, complete your outfit with earrings, you click on this, it'll take you to that earring page. You can learn more about that. Only four items left. Add that to the cart and notices the cubic zirconium earrings. And now the promotion changes to another set of earrings we've got in this, a turbo theme, edit that I made in code. There's stacked up to three different offers that we can put in there. And then if we go into the checkout, See we've got that same branding experience with those soft colors going on in the checkout experience for evergreen pages. We've just got a couple of them. It's a pretty simple site. There's not a lot of complexity to it, which is a good thing, right? It's nice and easy to allow customers to find the products they're looking for, make the choices they want to make, add it to the cart and checkout. So in the footer, we've got a link to the contact me page which we have a simple form. We let people that Amber Nicole is actually located in Las Vegas. And they're actually doing local pickup as an option. Now that Shopify has shipped that feature in their, their stores. And then there's an FAQ page. If you click on it, you know, we've got the expanding navigational elements here that allow you to see the different answers to the questions that you have. And they've also got a Facebook messenger chat capability on the site. So at nice simple site that allows them to add new products quickly. Cause they've always got inventory coming in, take that inventory down because you know, it's limited quantity and they're selling out and just keep that cycle going. So thanks for watching and a mix.

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