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Abandoned Cart Link Options in Klaviyo on Shopify

You probably already understand the value of abandoned cart emails.  And you probably already understand the value of using Klaviyo flows for your abanded cart emails.

Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Emails

So let's dig into some options on how to implement Klaviyo abandoned cart emails.  One best practice is to offer a discount via coupon code.  Here's a couple of ways to implement that in Klaviyo using built-in features/code:

Straight to Checkout

One option is to send the customer straight to the checkout.  The code for this looks like:


  • The customer is taken straight to the checkout which removes a step over landing them in the cart.
  • This code uses the Shopify server-side data about the contents of the abandoned cart.  This means that the checkout will have the proper cart contents regardless of what device the customer accesses this from (no cookie based local storage).


  •  The discount code is not automatically applied to the customer's session so they will need to key it in during the checkout.

Add the Discount Code to Link

The other option is to automatically add the discount code to the customer's cart by adding it to the link.  The code for this looks like:


  • The discount code is automatically applied to the customer's session, so they do not need to key in the discount code during the checkout process.


  • The link takes the user to the cart which is dependent on the browser cookie.  So if the customer is reading and clicking the email on a different device than their abandoned cart session, their cart will now be empty.

The Choice is Yours

Neither of these solutions gives my desired customer experience of taking the customer straight to the checkout (so they can access their cart on any device) and automatically adding their discount code (fewer things to key in will increase conversion).  That is currently not available for Klaviyo for Shopify.  So you'll need to pick from one of the two options above.  One way to pick is to try them both with 50/50 split in your abandoned cart flow.  And see which one performs better for your business.

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