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Show Your Shopify Customers Their Discount Code in Your Store

Shopify allows us to add a discount to a URL.  That discount code gets stored in a cookie and then gets read by the checkout to pre-populate the discount code.  You can see how that whole process works here -  

This functionality is great.  But customers don't get to see the code until it gets applied in step 2 of the checkout.  And that can be many clicks and page-views away.  So I wanted to display the code on the site in every page.  That way customers have increased confidence that the code will be applied.

Here's what my solution looks like:

The grey row between the logo and banner only shows if the customer has a discount code stored in a cookie.

To make this happen in the Turbo theme, I created a snippet:

And then I added this to my CSS file for styling:

I included the snippet in the header section for the theme.

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