Go straight to the right admin page from your Shopify store

Here's a simple to implement trick that will save you a little bit of time everytime you want to edit a product or a collection in your Shopify.

You know the hassle.  Its not a big hassle, but its still a hassle.  You find an error with one of your products on your Shopify website and you want to edit it.  So you then go to your Shopify admin.  Then to products.  Then search for the product in question.  Then click on the product.  Four steps and all the while you're thinking 'why can't I click straight from the product page to the product in the admin.  Well, here's some simple to code to make that happen!

Here's how the solution works:

  • We'll tag our Shopify customer accounts as 'admin'.
  • We'll add a bit of code to the product and collection templates/sections that will put an edit link on the page.

Here's what it looks like on product page.  You can actually place the link anywhere you want, as only your team will see it.


Here's the code for the product page.  You can place it where ever you want.  Just add the code to the product template or section that contain where you want to place it.

And here it is on a collection page.

Here's the code for the collection template or section.

And lastly, here's the code for a page.

This solution does mean that one will need to be logged into the store.  You could put the link up (in a less conspicuous space) without the if statement if you didn't want to have to be logged in.  But I think that's a bit sloppy as you'll be giving your customers a path that you do not want them to be following.  Same goes for Google. 

And then to take it to the next level, here's code that you can put on all of your pages (like in the header or footer) that wraps each of edit links in an if statement.  Then this one code bit (which I usually put in a snippet) works on all of the appropriate pages.

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