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Getting Your Etsy Reviews Into Your Shopify Store

This post will give you the instructions on how to get your Etsy reviews into your Shopify store.  The process is highly manual, but it does work.

Having reviews gives your store credibility. Reviews give your consumers confidence that your store is legit and that others have had a positive experience.  There are multiple review services out there that allow you to aggregate your reviews from multiple channels.  One exception to this is Etsy which does not allow importing or exporting of reviews through any method.  So here are the steps to get your Etsy reviews into Shopify.  These steps are for the free Shopify Product Reviews app.  You can modify the process if you are using another app for reviews.

  1. Start out by getting the template you'll need to import your reviews into Shopify.  
    1. In the Product Review app from with the Shopify admin, click the settings button in the upper right.
    2. Then click the Export button.
    3. You'll get a CSV file of any reviews that you currently have.  This file is now your template.  This will show you the headings (row 1) for each column and how the data should be formatted.
  2. Get your reviews from Etsy.
    1. Go to your Etsy reviews page.  It will look something like this
    2. Highlight all of the information for all of the reviews on this page.
    3. Right click on the highlighted area and select Copy.
    4. Paste this into a spreadsheet.
    5. Repeat this for every page of reviews.
  3. Now all of your Etsy reviews are in the spreadsheet.  Here's where the manual part of the work comes in.  You need to transform this spreadsheet into the format that Shopify will import.  So you need to rework your Etsy spreadsheet to look like the template spreadsheet in Step 1.
    1. You'll need to assign each Etsy review to a Shopify product handle.  You can create a list of all of your product handles by doing a product export in Shopify.
  4. Once you've got the Etsy reviews formatted as needed for Shopify, save your spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  5. Import your reviews into Shopify.
    1. Go back to the setting for the Product Review app in Shopify.
    2. Click the Import button in the upper right. 
    3. Choose the file from Step 4.
    4. Select Import reviews.

That should do it.  You should now see your Etsy reviews in your Shopify store.  

This process takes a snapshot of your Etsy reviews and gets them into Shopify.  But remember that any additional Etsy reviews you get after the process will not appear in Shopify.  So in the future, you'll need to repeat the process to capture those future reviews.

One last note.  These instructions will work for you.  However, the Etsy terms may or may not allow you to use the content from Etsy reviews in this way. 

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.