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Excluding from some Products in your Shopify store is an app that you can add to your Shopify store that allows your customers to buy on a payment plan.  Now, if you want to exclude some products from this service, here's how to do it.  

The way it works is that we'll add a 'No Partially' tag to products that we want to exclude from payments.  Then we'll edit the liquid code on two pages, products and cart, to hide it for these products.

The files that you'll need to edit may vary by theme and what sort of cart (page, pop-up, mini, etc.) you are using.  And the existing code will also vary based on the implementation in your store.

Product Page

Here's how to wrap the Partially include in the Product template.  Lines 1 and 3 are the code that you'll add around the code.  Keep your code, in this case line 2 -- don't replace with the code below.

Cart Page

And here's how to wrap the Partially code in the Cart template.  Lines 1-8 and 27 are the code that you'll add around the existing code.  Keep your code, in this case lines 9-26 -- don't replace with the code below.  This code will check to see if any of the products in the cart are tagged 'No Partially'.  If any products are tagged then the option will be hidden from the user and they will have to pick from the remaining checkout/payment options available.


As always, test it thoroughly to ensure that things are working properly.  Check that the element shows on products that are not tagged 'No Partially' and does not show on products that are tagged.  In the cart, test it with no tagged products, only tagged products, and a mix of tagged and not tagged products.

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