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Hey, Scott. Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I just want to do a short demonstration for you of something we did for our client rep. That ship recently. That would not have been possible just a couple of months ago. And that's because of the power of g b t dolly three in generating images. So here in the store, they're selling coconut based substrates to line the tank of your pet, whether it's like a turtle or a snake or a frog to line the bottom of the pet cage.

And what we're doing is we wanted to have better recommend donations for customers based on the type of animal that is their pet that they're taking care of. So we built a blog that we call the Buy Animal. And if you look at it, we allow you to select a specific animal and see our recommendations for that animal.

And you can see here we've added lots of animals to this. And this is all very recent that we've done this. And you'll notice all these images and how bright and colorful and how I think compelling they look. They're fairly consistent. These are all done in eyes is all done with G.P.S. prompts to Dolly three. So we would say, Hey, give us an image of a corn snake, you know, on a white background.

Give us an image of an Argentine boa on a you know, a white background. But it went even farther than that. So on any given product page, we also then said that had different pieces of content on that page. And we're just trying to make the page a little more compelling with some supporting graphics. So here's the substrate that, you know, works for the Horned Frogs.

And we also give some information about the horned frog, and this is another air generated image. And then this is another air generated image. And then down at the bottom here, we have even another air generated image. So we have, you know, four images per page. And we have, I'm going to guess 30, 40 types of animals, maybe even more than that.

So we've easily created over a hundred air generated images in the matter of, you know, an hour or two just to create them. You know, once we came up with a script that worked well with GPG, but that brings this whole sections alive much more quickly and much more consistently than we could have done if we tried to just find stock photography.

Most of the stock photography or we couldn't have for most of these animals, gotten stock photography. Some of these, you know, animals are very specific types of breeds and stock photos. You know, don't go to that level of detail on them. But with AI, we were able to get very good ones, very detailed, very accurate images for all of them.

Now, A.I. generated images are not yet perfect. And I'll give you a couple examples. We have like one of our snakes. It's the hog news. So the first thing is a hog nosed snake right here doesn't have cat eyes. You can see better on this picture, I believe. So, you know, it doesn't have cat eyes like that. So that's inaccurate.

But we can go back and, you know, discover that era. We can go back and ask for an update on that. And then on the image with multiple snakes in it. And here you can see it doesn't have cat eyes. But what I did is it made one snake's body have a head on both ends. Right. So there's two stick bodies.

But, you know, one of them goes off the screen. You can't see the head or the tail, but the one snake whose body is on the on the image has two heads. So you have to check the quality of the images that you're getting to make sure that they don't have inaccuracies like cat eyes or two heads on one snake.

That all said, you know, we were absolutely stunned by how easy it was to make all this content using chat and Dolly three. So, you know, as you're building out your store. I would definitely start looking into air generated images to see if they work for your store and your brand. It's not going to work in every scenario, but in some scenarios, it's absolutely wonderful the way it can accelerate the graphics and presentation of your website.

Thanks for watching.

JadePuma is a certified Shopify Expert. If you need any help with your Shopify store, we can help.